Hypnotherapy is a  natural, safe and drug free approach that can  be an effective way of reducing – and even removing chronic pain responses. Research has shown hypnosis has been used successfully for people with a variety of pain conditions.

There are two different types of pain. Acute pain, which is short-lived and intense, like a burn on the hand. It’s a protective mechanism to make us stop what we are doing. Chronic pain, however, is something that can last for weeks, months, years after the initial injury has healed. Chronic pain can be caused if the body’s danger response to sensory input becomes over-sensitised and we can get trapped in a cycle of pain. Chronic pain and illness is debilitating, isolating and extremely stressful. Our Hypnotherapy for chronic pain in Singapore can help turn down the body’s internal alarm system to help reduce the pain.

How can hypnosis help to reduce pain?

Hypnotherapy has been used for many years to manage different types of pain, including joint pain and pain from illnesses and injuries. Hypnotherapy for pain management can be used either alone or alongside medication, but if a person is considering using hypnotherapy for pain control they should visit a doctor for a diagnosis before proceedingto eliminate a more serious cause of pain.

So how does it work? Hypnotherapy changes the way the client responds to the pain signal. Science has discovered that thoughts, emotions and physical movement create chemical reactions in our body, which either calm down our central nervous system or turn the alarm volume up.

Hypnosis can calm the internal alarm system down and help reduce pain. There is physical evidence that hypnosis works to alleviate chronic pain, and medical imaging studies have shown that hypnotic therapy influences all of the cortical and neuro-physiological processes that underline pain. Current scientific research shows that hypnotherapy treatment causes both pain perception thresholds, and pain tolerance levels, to be strikingly increased.

Stanford University psychiatrist and researcher  David Spiegel, MD said that in his studies of women with metastatic breast cancer, the patients who used self-hypnosis reported half the level of pain as women in the control group.

Hypnotherapy is safe, drug free and also works to support other medical and alternative therapeutic approaches you may be using in your multidisciplinary approach to healing.

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