Hypnotherapy for Depression

What is depression?

There are many situations in life which can trigger feelings of despair, grief and unhappiness. These feelings of depression can be a normal response to adversity and loss. These feelings can last for days or weeks and then gradually disappear. However, when those feelings do not go away and become so severe and overwhelming that they warp your view of yourself and your life in negative ways and lead you to self-destructive behaviour, then “depression” is no longer normal, and you may need help. That’s where our hypnosis comes in – used to move you away from depression, this therapy in Singapore helps you cope and manage your emotions.

Our Hypnotherapy programme in Singapore explains how the brain works in relation to depression and what you can do about it. Hypnotherapy can change unwanted patterns of behaviour, breaking the negative cycle of depression and anxiety and help you to feel in a calmer and more positive place. This hypnosis programme helps you to overcome depression.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression is the most common mood disorder in Singapore and other parts of the world. According to the World Health Organisation it is the second most debilitating human condition in the world. It is growing steadily in all age groups, but it is growing at the fastest rate in children and adolescents.

No one symptom or group of symptoms defines depression, you may be experiencing some of these symptoms.

Physical Symptoms
    • Sleep disturbance (sleeping too little or too much)
    • Sexual dysfunction or ongoing lack of sex drive
    • Lack of energy, fatigue
    • Appetite disturbance (eating too much or too little)
Emotional Symptoms
  • Feeling sad most of the time
  • Feeling overwhelmed and helpless to cope well
  • Feeling hopeless anything can get better
  • Anxious, fearful about routine life experiences
  • Loss of capacity to experience pleasure
  • Guilt feelings that are either inappropriate or excessive
Social Symptoms
  • Isolation – Withdrawal from people and social situations
  • Lack of interest in previously enjoyed social activities
  • Irritability, frequently “snapping” at people for no good reason
Cognitive Symptoms
  • Concentration problems
  • Memory problems
  • Thoughts of death or suicide
  • Indecisiveness, rumination
  • Negative thinking across diverse situations
Behavioral symptoms
  • Avoidant behavior
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Alcohol and drug abuse


When we are depressed we are stuck in our negative and primitive part of the brain which restricts our ability to think clearly and resourcefully.  When we are “stuck” here it is difficult to see a way out. The depressed mind can only focus on problems. It’s like Velcro for the bad and Teflon for the good! Any positive experiences just don’t stick in our minds, they just wash over us and don’t register, but the bad stuff sticks in our mind and we can’t get rid of it. Our hypnosis for depression in Singapore helps you cope with negative emotions and teaches you to focus on the positive things that happen in your life.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a type of hypnosis which helps you look for solutions and focuses on what you would like to achieve. We help you find a way forward, rather than looking back at past problems. Hypnosis for depression helps to change unwanted patterns of behaviour, by accessing the subconscious mind where we can activate more positive patterns of thoughts and behaviour.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Singapore is safe, drug free and can be used to treat depression alongside other medical therapeutic approaches you may be using in your multidisciplinary approach to healing.

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I’m Marie Hambly and I practice Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which is a brain-based therapy that teaches you how to get your brain working for you, rather than against you.