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Most of my clients are businessmen and women or children/ teenagers and so confidentiality has been assured.

Stress and Sleeping Problems

My 15-year-old daughter suffers from anorexia nervosa and had a lot of anxiety issues and found it very difficult to fall asleep at night. The only thing that helped her was her sessions with Marie. She enjoyed her sessions and looked forward to going to them. Thanks to the time she spent with Marie my daughter is now able to fall asleep a lot easier at night. She listens to Marie’s recording whenever she feels the need for help to fall asleep again. It’s a great relief for her & us to know that she has this resource to fall back on whenever she feels she needs help. I highly recommend Marie to anyone.

Mother of International School Student, Singapore

My sessions with Marie were so incredibly efficient! I had difficulty sleeping and was struggling with anxiety, I found myself in a constant state of melancholy. But after a few simple sessions, I learnt how to challenge my thoughts, directing them to be more positive, as well as ease my mind before bed. Her sessions were a true miracle, I can now sleep as I please and always try my best to stay positive. She is a lovely person with a huge heart and I am so grateful to her.

15 Year Old International School Student, Singapore

I had been suffering for many years from interrupted nights sleep after a stressful time in my life. Even though the stress was somewhat relieved the symptoms remained – insomnia. We initially started to work through weekly sessions – during which she would send me into a very relaxed state of mind – through storytelling and meditations. I did remain conscience and awake throughout the process but would leave her practice with a spring in my step. After a few weeks, with a little progress, Marie prepared a mediation tape for me, to use when going to sleep at the end of the day. After a while, I started to sleep a lot better, less disturbed and felt more refreshed in the morning. Through this I also become more aware of my lifestyle and made some significant adjustment to relieve further stress. I have become much more mindful of life and have found a happier and more compassionate outlook. The thing I especially like about Marie’s approach is that she does not just try to resolve the symptoms, but engages with her clients to find the reasons behind these. I found the experience very rewarding and has given my life more focus, more awareness and more connection.

Business Founder, Singapore
Stress and Fear of Flying

Over a coffee with Marie several months ago, it became very clear to both of us that I was extremely stressed. I wasn’t sleeping, I was short tempered, foggy headed and for some bizarre reason, I was suddenly really scared to get on a plane. Marie took one look at me and knew that she could help. She introduced the idea of hypnotherapy. Being very open minded, I wasn’t at all sceptical, in fact I couldn’t wait to get going. Marie started by explaining the neuroscience to me, in an “easy to understand” way. It all sounded good and it made sense to me.  Our weekly sessions then involved a gentle discussion about how I had been feeling the previous week, how my sleep had been, my mood and my stress levels followed by the most relaxing sessions of hypnotherapy. The shift was honestly incredible. I felt a sense of calm come over me, almost as soon as we started our sessions but the most noticeable change was my ability to focus clearly, to make decisions and my ability to enjoy a good nights sleep, almost every night. I was religious in my bedtime routine, listening to Marie’s voice gently taking me into a state of complete relaxation and ultimately sleep. Fast forward a month and I was a different woman - focused, absolutely sure of which path to take in my business, rested, calm and clear headed. The biggest step was getting on a plane and I did this relatively easily. I listened to Marie’s recording as we took off and that was all I needed. I was absolutely fine!

Business Owner, Singapore
Exam Stress

I developed a facial tic after some stressful exams. My mum suggested I try hypnotherapy  - after just three sessions it disappeared and has not comeback. I still use Marie’s CD in the run up to exams to listen to help relax me.

Student, Singapore

I was experiencing a lot of anxiety before I had to resit some university exams. Hypnotherapy  really helped with calm and focus. With that panic in the pit of my stomach gone  I could suddenly focus and concentrate. It was amazing. Thank you!

University Student, UK
Anxiety, Work and Life Stress

My first real experience with hypnotherapy was in 2016. At first, I didn't know what to expect or the impact it would have. However, after a few sessions with Marie Hambly, things became a lot more clear. I started to feel positive, calm and very energized. Things only got better from there on and what stood out for me was how relaxed and comfortable the sessions made me feel. I couldn't be more grateful. It really works!

CEO, Media Industry, Singapore

I cant tell you how grateful I am (after the Initial Consultation). That was very helpful even just because it really does help having a way of explaining feelings that I couldn’t explain prior to our conversation. My biggest fear is always not understanding why I am feeling the way I am; so thank you very much for that. I will listen to the tape religiously.

University Student, UK
Weight Loss

I went to see Marie with the objective to loose weight. I had started to lose weight before our first session, but I was stagnating and I really needed help and support at that time to stay motivated and focused. The Hypnotherapy Sessions really helped me with this. I appreciated the positive forward-looking and non judging state of mind of Marie. Every time I went to see her, I was then feeling centred on my objective and focussed. I managed to lose even more weight.

Coaching Student, Singapore
Chronic Abdominal Pain Syndrome, Anxiety and IBS

I was diagnosed with chronic abdominal pain syndrome, anxiety and IBS in early 2016 and had seen a total of 6 doctors before I got to Marie. Without much success, I was to say the least skeptical about the suggestion of hypnotherapy. However, over the next 6 months I became a total convert. Marie is such a warm and wonderful person, she could not have made me feel more comfortable, important to her, and relaxed from our very first meeting to beyond our last. Through hypnotherapy she helped me decrease me abdominal pain until it was almost completely gone, gave me confidence in my school work leading up to my final exams, taught me strategies to deal with the pain and anxiety and improved my general output on life. I truly felt like a completely different person after going through the treatment, which would have never happened without going through with the hypnotherapy. I cannot recommend her enough and you will not regret your choice to see her!! Thank you Marie!

IB Student, International School, Singapore

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I’m Marie Hambly and I practice Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which is a brain-based therapy that teaches you how to get your brain working for you, rather than against you.